KWH Automation LLC (originally KWH Automation Inc.) was founded in 1997 by a team of highly experienced and talented Control Systems engineers and programmers who had been working together for ten years in a special projects group tasked with performing R&D projects for the clients of one of the world’s top system integration companies. The primary focus of the group’s projects was power systems automation. KWH’s original and still primary focus remains applying the KWH Team’s Control Systems Integration expertise to power systems automation. Since KWH’s inception we have applied that expertise to performing projects and developing products for a wide range of clients and industries. Many of those clients are Fortune 500 companies In 2008 the KWH team, all of whom are native New Mexican’s relocated their corporate headquarters to Albuquerque, NM and reorganized as a Limited Liability Corporation. Since then they have been building both their clientele list and expanding the compnay to better serve existing and future clients

Process Automation & Control Systems
Process Automation & Control is the core of KWH’s business.

• Process Analysis – Develop a clear understanding of the plant processes
• Systems Development – follow good engineering practices during all phases
of development
• Front-end engineering design (FEED) – detailed design
• Programming and Configuration – Implements the detailed design
developed during the FEED study.
• Data Management and Historian – Collecting, storing and distributing realtime
production data as part of process automation
• Instrumentation & Electrical Design and Engineering.
• ICS Network Design is a specialty.
• Industrial Control System Cyber Security – KWH follows ICS-CERT Recommended Practices to build in ICS Cyber Security from the ground up.
• Consulting – KWH is the industry leader in resolving nagging problems left over after other systems integrators have left the site.
• Supervisory Control Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems

Automated Energy Management Systems
More than twenty year experience and expertise

• Generator Control
• Power plant control systems
• Automated Generator Paralleling &
• Capacitor Bank Control
• Control Cabinet Design, Layout,
Fabrication, & Checkout
• Demand Management Systems
• Emergency Load Shed Systems
• Outage Management Systems
• Peak Shaving
• Power Monitoring
• Power System Automation
• Power System Analysis
• Supervisory Control Data Acquisition
(SCADA) systems
• Smart Grid Technology Integration
• Substation Automation
• Power Monitoring
• Cost allocation and Reporting

Consulting Services, Project Management, Engineering & Training

• Scope Development
• Estimating
• Scheduling
• Operator & Maintenance Training
• Consultant/Instructor led classes on
SCADA, PLC, DCS Control Systems
Software Design and Programming

• Human Machine Interface (HMI)
• Supervisory Control Data Acquisition
(SCADA) systems
• Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
• Distributed Control System (DCS)
• GE Predix Platform
• Database Development
• Reverse Software Engineering a specialty

• Los Alamos National Laboratory
o Designed and prepared the submittals for the hardware and programming for the Basic
Process Control System (BPCS) for the Radiological Laboratory Utility Office Building
(RLUOB). Previous to KWH being brought onto the project the client’s submittals had
been rejected numerous times over the previous two years. KWH was contracted to
design the system and prepare the submittals. The submittals prepared by KWH were
approved by LANL on the initial submittal with no comments and no exceptions.

• General Electric
o Subcontracted power plant control systems and Emergency Load Shed Systems
o Prepared training classes on the Predix Platform

• Rockwell Automation
o More than thirty five years of experience subcontracting Process Automation & Control
and Automated Energy Management Systems for Rockwell Automation’s clients.
o Consulted on the design and programming for the following products:
 Power Monitors 1000, 1400, 3000, & 5000
 Line Synchronization Module (1402-LSM)
 Combination Generator Control Module (1407-CGCM)
 Capacitor Bank Controller (1413-CAP)

• Schlumberger
o Provide Consultant/Instructor led classes on SCADA, PLC, DCS Control Systems

• ExxonMobil
o Perform design studies on Emergency Load Shed Systems for offshore platforms

• Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
o Consult on the design of an Automated Generator Paralleling & Synchronization operator
training simulator
• Georgia Pacific Company
o Design and integrate Power plant control systems, Automated Generator Paralleling &
Synchronization, and Emergency Load Shed Systems

• Weyerhaeuser
o Design and integrate Power plant control systems, Automated Generator Paralleling &
Synchronization, and Emergency Load Shed Systems

Picture by Marcin Joswiak