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KWH Automation specializes in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), SCADA, PLC, DCS, Cyber Security, and Networks analysis, design, configuration, programming, and commissioning.

Our services include:

§  Supervisory Control Data Acquisition (SCADA), PLC & DCS System Design, Programming, and Integration


§  Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security


§  Design, Configure, and Maintain Internet and Intranet based Information Technology Systems including Network Design and Testing, Cyber Security Implementation and Client/Server Configuration.


§  Instructor led classes on SCADA, PLC, DCS Control Systems


§  Automated Energy Management Power Systems including:

o   Automated Generator Paralleling & Synchronization

o   Capacitor Bank Control

o   Demand Management Systems

o   Emergency Load Shed Systems

o  Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED)

o   Medium & High Voltage Electrical Distribution Systems

o   Outage Management Systems

o   Peak Shaving

o   Power Monitoring

o   Single line diagrams

o   Protective relaying

o   Control single line diagrams

o   Three line diagrams,

o   DC control and interlocking diagrams

o   Data communication single line diagrams,

o   Interconnecting wiring diagrams

o   External interconnecting wiring diagrams

o   Power System Automation

o   Power System Analysis

o   SCADA/RTU Systems

o   Smart Grid Technologies

o   Smart Substation Automation

o   Substation Communication Protocols used include: Ethernet, DeviceNet, TCP/IP, GOOSE, IEC 61850, DNP, DH+, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Profibus, RIO,  RS-232, RS-485


§  Product/Technology Research, Development, & Testing

Precision motion control applications including:

o  Material handling

o  Motion Control

o  Conveyor Systems

o  Vision systems

o  Barcode Readers

o  Software and systems for extreme high-speed (real-time) applications


§  Software Design and Programming including:

o  C#

o  HTML5

o  Visual Basic

o  VB.Net

o  IEC61131-3 LD, IL, FBD, ST, SFC

o  PlantPAx

o  Studio 5000

o  RSLogix 5000

o  RSLogix 500

o  RSLogix 5

o  Concept IEC 61131-3

o  ProWorx

o   Reverse Engineering of complex software code


§  Human Machine Interface (HMI) Design & Programming

o  Rockwell Software

o  Iconics

o  GE

o  Wonderware